HCM Group Finetunes 2009 Budget

CYBERJAYA, 11 Feb - Head of departments at HCM Group of companies fine-tuned their respective department's 2009 Budget to steer the company amid rapid economic uncertainty at a marathon meeting on 10 February 2009. Held at "A "Park", Cyberjaya, the session started off with light breakfast for all head of departments, managers and staff involved in the budget preparation.

In his opening address, MD, HCM Group of companies Y.Bhg. Dato' Hasnur Rabiain Ismail, said the current global economic scenario requires everyone to put in extra effort to ensure the group remains strong and relevant in the market.

ADUB project head, En. Abdul Rani Ismail kicked off the proceedings followed by other project heads and head of departments. With intermittent breaks for tea, lunch and solat, presentation from all heads went on until about 11.30 pm.

Except for very few departments / projects which would be subjected to further deliberation, Y. Bhg Dato' approved the group's fine-tuned budget and thanked the participants for all the hard work they had put in and invited all to join him for light supper.

As a check and balance, Accounts and Finance department came up with Procurement Control Sheet and Work Done Control Sheet, being part of the group's Business Process, to capture the actual source of expenditure and to track expenses incurred against the budgeted amount.