An initial discussion between HCM Engineering Sdn Bhd and Kumpulan IKRAM Sdn Bhd representative was held at R & D Center on 21st June 2002, the discussion generally on the status of Research and development program and the planning for HCM Engineering Sdn Bhd.

Prior to that event, several meetings were held between HCM, Roadcare and Ikram C & H representatives on current status of R& D has been carried out and in principle was agreed that the R& D Committee within the Protasco Group need to be set-up.

Previous and Current Research Project

Full Scale trial on the Pavement Recycling at Utan Aji – Changlun Phase 1 Project

The full scale trial on pavement recycling method on the previous project has now achieve two and half years ( 2 ½ ) period upon completion of project on August 1999.

The study and monitoring activities on the performance of pavement structure carried out by IKRAM C & S now it is in progress. The sample taken from site regularly every year and recently on 20 / 5/ 2002, the testing was conducted to provide data for the analysis and the pavement evaluation.

From site observation, the existing road treated with recycling method still sound and in good condition.

Recycling Trial at several Jalan Kampungs in Perlis

In line with full scale trial on pavement recycling at main road Jalan Utan Aji- Changlun, several kampung roads also was selected and adopted the pavement recycling method. Generally, all kampung roads treated are still in good condition, except Jalan Ban Behor Latih that the structural deterioration observed along the road and further investigation to be carried out to identify the cause of problem.

Recycling with Cement Stabilize at Jalan Jerangau Jabor ( R14 )

The road section from Km 99.50-105.00 of Jalan Jerangau -Jabor (R14), was treated using recycling with cement stabilize. The route with high volume of heavy vehicle was completed on January 2002 and shows a good performance to the public upon completion. The performance on the completed pavement structure will be jointly study and monitor by IKRAM, Roadcare and HCM.

Recycling with Foamed Bitumen at Jalan Bukit Sagu ( R 1581 )

The rehabilitation using recycling with foamed bitumen was introduced to upgrade the strength of existing road where it is very poor in condition. The length of the road approximately 14 KM and road work widening from existing width average 5.8 m to be widened to 8 m. The road expected to be completed by end of August 2002. The performance on the completed pavement structure will be jointly study and monitor by IKRAM, Roadcare and HCM.

Wet Sand Mix for Jalan Kampung at Melaka

Launching for project Jalan Kampung at Melaka by YAB Ketua Menteri Melaka dated 1st May 2002 was proposed Wet Sand Mix as an alternative to the normal premix and more cost effective. Further study and research is in progress and conducted jointly by IKRAM and HCM.

Pilot Project for Rehabilitation of Rural Roads Using CHIPmix (2010)

A pilot project was conducted by JKR for contractor’s to carry out road rehabilitation using new technology methods as a study of best solutions for future rural road rehabilitation proposals. HCM Engineering introduced CHIPmix as part of the project which is a relatively inexpensive and has proved to be successful for sealing road of relatively low traffic and as alternative to hot mix paving construction. The road rehabilitation project using CHIPmix was carried out in November 2010 at Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor. The studies objective is to observe the performance of pavement under in-service conditions using CHIPmix. The study will provide better understanding of the short, medium, and long-term performance of the technique.