What is CHIPMIX?

CHIPMIX is a cold treated pavement material from locally available aggregates and/or reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) produced using a mobile cold mixing plant. CHIPMIX is essentially a stiffer material compared to normal granular material. It gives a much better structural characteristics in terms of fatigue and deformation resistance.

The Application

Heavy Trafficked Roads

Provides solutions for both major highways and rural roads which are exposed to high loads.

Rectify Extensive Damages

Rectifies extensive damages extending all the way into the pavement subgrade.

Hard-To-Reach Sites

Gets to where conditions do not allow the operation of an “in-situ” cold recycling train.

“…transported to the job site and then placed and compacted by road pavers and compactors…”

The Operation

The mixing plant KMA150, enables cold treated pavement material (CHIPmix) to be produced from locally available aggregate and/or reclaimed asphalt pavement in a nearby mixing plant, transported to the job site and then placed and compacted by road pavers and compactors.

1. Loading into Cold Bin

2. Production of Chip Mix

3. Laying of Chip Mix

4. Compaction

The Advantages

Cost Effective where overlay on top of pavement is thinner due to increase in stiffness and structural capacity.
Versatile where cold treated material can be stockpiled up to one month; suitable for the construction of both major highways, as well as rural roads; highly mobile; and construction causes less traffic disruption.
Ecologically Friendly where existing materials can be reused; and causes less air, noise, exhaust, and dust emissions.

The Machinery

Plant Capacity
Max. mixing capacity : 150 tonnes per hour
Max. particle size : 45mm

Milling waste and old/new aggregates

Batching of Mineral Aggregate
Batcher capacity : 2 x 5 x m3
Feed width mm : 3,400
Feed height mm : 3,500 (average)