Advanced road and highways systems are developed along stringent measures to ensure safety, comfort and durability. As such, it is essential that these road infrastructures are properly maintained for the safety of its users. Furthermore, proper maintenance would maximize investments spent and reduce expenditure in the longer term. Road maintenance works can be divided into 3 main categories as follows:

· Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance involves repairs of potholes, maintenance of road shoulders, roadside furniture, drainage systems, bridges and culverts, grass cutting, landscaping on protocol roads and routine inspection.

 RO1 : Pavement

RO2 : Road Shoulder 

RO3 : Grass Cutting

RO4 : Roadside Furnitures

R05 : Bridges and Culverts

R06 : Drainage

· Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenance involves repair, replacement and installation of existing pavement, roadside furniture, drains, culverts and guardrails as well as slope repairs.






Monsoon Drain

· Emergency Maintenance

Emergency works involve:
a) Traffic management, clearing work and provision of temporary diversion in the event of slope failures;
b) Traffic management and provision of temporary crossing in the event of bridge or culvert failures; and
c) Traffic management in the event of floods or fallen trees.



Fallen Trees

Sink Hole

Oil Spillage