Company Overview


HCM Engineering Sdn Bhd (HCM) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia’s listed construction company Protasco Berhad and published at the main board of Bursa Saham Kuala Lumnpur (BSKL). We are focusing on building and infrastructure works as well as road and highway construction, rehabilitation, upgrading, operations and maintenance, and also road recycling technology.

Registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)HCM is able to construct and deliver for projects in Malaysia of unlimited value as it has a G7 ranking in Building, Mechanical & Electrical Works and Civil & Infrastructural Work. HCM has been approved for the Quality & Environmental Management System and Occupational Health & Safety Management System (ISO). 

HCM construction activities have contributed to nation-building and infrastructure development. Our expertise lies in the design, building construction, upgrading and rehabilitation of road and bridges. We can provide alternative design and construction using Industrialized Building System such as shear wall and precast slab system to expedite the works. HCM has undertaken, completed and managed more than USD 2 billion worth of construction and project works which includes a total of 3,932 completed unit apartments worth of RM1 billion.

In addition to that, HCM utilises various approaches and techniques to address different clients’ requirements depending on the type of distressed road conditions in both rural and urban areas. Among others we provide:

  • Conventional overlays mill & pave (cut and patch) techniques
  • Cold-In-Place-Recycling (CIPR) which is cost effective and environmental friendly
  • Cold-In-Plant (KMA)
  • Rental of machinery with operator and technical support

As a leading building and infrastructure specialist in Malaysia and the region, HCM has invested more than RM100 million in state-of-the-art advanced machinery and equipment. Besides, HCM has also invested in several business applications such as e-Project Management System, Total Infrastructure Management System (TIMS) and Centralised Road Management Information Systems (CRIMS). Indeed since listing, we have spread our wings to establish footholds in Libya, Bangladesh, South Africa and Papua New Guinea. Our partners and the host countries are delighted with our presence while our staff members have been extremely resilient and very adaptive to challenging and unique working conditions overseas.